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Topp & Dubio - All Your Favourite Projects


‘All Your Favourite Projects’ is an in-depth visual study of the work of the Dutch artist duo Topp & Dubio. With the project ‘Art & Tennis Club of Kaliningrad’ (2007-2011) Topp & Dubio have built an extensive oeuvre of artistic interventions, installations, exhibitions, films and other works.

Their projects are constructed from ‘raw’ materials: props, photography, stories, etc. Within their art, they create subjective forms of historiography in which the imagined is in constant battle with the realism and the absurdity of everyday life. The accompanying texts give insight into the associations and interpretations that their work evokes. They also reflect the complexity of their projects.


Texts by Atte Jongstra, Dirk van Weelden, Matthijs van Boxsel and Jacob Voorthuis

Limited edition - 24 x 36 cm - 144 p. - dutch/english - hard cover
Each copy is unique and numbered - Publisher: SNAP Foundation - ISBN 978-90-802621-0-2