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Manchester Artists' Bonfire 2012


Manchester Artists' Bonfire 2012 - TOPP & DUBIO PLEDGE

ART WORK: Topp & Dubio - All your favourite projects (artist book) - 24x36x2 cm



All your favourite projects is an artist book on the temporary art projects we have executed over the last four years in The Netherlands and Russia. We never create art that lasts very long, so we don't know whether it was a good idea to make a book.


1 - After finishing the book we didn't really know what to do with it. We hate book presentations, so we decided to launch the book by shooting it with a two and a half meter high cannon, made out of cardboard.

Every Every WORD, pifff
Every Every PAGE, paffff
All of All of BOOK... poufff


2 - Later the book became the centerpiece of an exhibition. And the book became an object waiting to be criticized. We decided to shoot the book with various guns from a 50 meter distance until it was loaded with led bullets.


Every Every GUN, pifff
Every Every HOLE, paffff
All of All of TARGET... poufff


3 - But deep inside, we hoped the book would find a decent place in time and space. We would like to get our book into a permanent orbit around earth.
We tried to contact the Dutch cosmonaut Andre Kuijpers who was scheduled to leave earth on a Russian space mission. But unfortunately, we were too late and he left without our book.


Every Every PLANET, pifff
Every Every MOON, paffff
All of All of STAR... poufff


4 - So, that's why we are here. The Manchester Bonfire is our last hope for eternal flame.
This is our chance to finally get our book UP in the sky forever.


Every Every SPARK, pifff
Every Every PLUME, paffff
All of All of SMOKE... poufff





Manchester Artists' Bonfire 2012


Islington Mill - Manchester - UK

January 26, 2012 - 6 PM