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Topp & Dubio vs. Yuri Lunacharsky



In 2008, Dutch artists Topp & Dubio became closely involved in the works of the young Russian artist Yuri Lunacharsky who died at age 30 without ever exhibiting his work. He was a sculptor who created small objects and assemblages out of simple materials. He also made temporary monuments in the streets of his home town Kaliningrad, which he photographed.


Dutch artists Topp & Dubio posthumously gave him an international platform by organizing his debut exhibition in The Netherlands and making a catalogue on his work. In 2011, right after organizing a memorial ceremony for Lunacharsky on Amsterdam's Museum Square, Topp & Dubio decided to take care of hi's legacy for the rest of their lives. Topp & Dubio use the artistic 'dialogue' between their own practice and Lunacharsky's oeuvre as a working method to rewrite art historiography and to shape their posthume interconnection.


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Topp & Dubio vs.
Yuri Lunacharsky