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Sense no sense



'Sense no sense' is a group exhibition with artists whose creative work reflects or questions themes and aspects of human perception and its processing. Contextualizing, constructing and making sense of what is perceived on an individual scale as well as on the level of society. The works will challenge and irritate the viewer in his sensory perception and individual interpretation of meaning. Topp & Dubio will show a new installation within this theme.


Participating artists: Bettina Diel (CH), Tobias Greiner (D), Philipp Haffner (D), Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder (D), Jörg Kallinich (D), Isabell Kamp (D), Ana Laibach (D), Klaus Maßem (D), Michael Mieskes (D), Roswitha Pape (D), Dorthe Pedersen (GB), Susan Richter (NL), Steffen Schlichter (D), Seoryang Kim (D), Anja Sopic (D), Thomas Splett (D), Julius Stahl (D), Jörg Umrath (D), Judith Wenzelmann (D), Helmut Werres (D), Stefan Winkler (D), Heidemarie Ziebandt (D) and Topp & Dubio (NL).


Shedhalle Tübingen e.V. is a contemporary art forum in the university town Tübingen, located on the former area of the town's slaughterhouse. The association Shedhalle provides an arena for the presentation, development and creation of contemporary art.

Sense no sense | Shedhalle Tübingen | Schlachthausstraße 13, 72074 Tübingen, Germany

Open: Thu/Fri 6-8 pm - Sat/Sun 4-6 pm | Opening: Friday 4th July 2014 at 7 pm

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Sense no sense


Shedhalle Tübingen, Germany

July 4-27, 2014