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As a result of a personal and artistic crisis, Topp & Dubio have ran out of ideas. For the first time in twenty years of their collaboration, Topp & Dubio lack any vibrant spark of artistic thought, as well as any motivation to create art concepts for projects, exhibitions or performances.

At the same time, Y Gallery has invited Topp & Dubio to show their work in Minsk. Although the first meeting of Topp & Dubio with Minsk, earlier this year, was promising and constructive, no ideas for an exhibition have come up or developed since. Mostly because Topp & Dubio haven't got a clue on what they are doing anymore. Their mental condition is drifting in a total void.

Since it is part of their artistic practice to deal with situations and circumstances, Topp & Dubio have no other option then to show the mental state of crisis in which they are right now.


Sometimes art can be unpleasantly true.

Y Gallery | Nezalezhnasci ave., 37A, Minsk, Belarus | website | Opening hours: 12.00 - 22.00 daily








Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

June 2016