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Closely. Far Away. Closer

EXHIBITION - Victoria Gallery, Samara, Russia


An international exhibition with the participation of artists from Russia, Ukraine and the Netherlands is dedicated to the state of post-covid: the pandemic is not retreating, although strict isolation is no longer relevant. In the situation of a suspended lockdown, the issue of borders – both personal space and different territories and countries - is acute.


"The line separating ...– is a concept that constantly manifests itself in our lives today. Danger is everywhere, but it is invisible, and separation, delineation of oneself and one's territory is becoming a common household obsession, a nervous disorder of our days.


The artists who participate in the exhibition react to the pandemic situation by paying attention to the concepts of their own/someone else's, deep-surface, flat-spatial.


The formal sign of separation is a line, and linearity, usually tied to the silhouette of the image, is becoming independent today. The line breaks away from the image object - which gives the effect of abstraction invading the figurative language of the image.


The exhibition will feature paintings, objects, videos, performance and photography.


Topp & Dubio will add a new installation and will execute a performance during the opening of the exhibition.


Closely. Far Away. Closer | Victoria Gallery, Samara, Russia | 03.02.2022 ----- 20.03.2022

Artist talk Topp & Dubio 02.02.2022 - 19:00h | Opening exhibition 03.02.2022 - 19:00h

Press: Jegens & Tevens | Samarskaya Gazeta | Sova | СГСПУ | ARTuzel | Victoria underground






Closely. Far Away. Closer

EXHIBITION - Victoria Gallery, Samara, Russia

03.02.2022 ----- 20.03.2022